Art -Solo exhibition of Gary Goldstein

large drawings

While I visited the Rehovot  Municipal Gallery awhile ago,  I did not recall how quaint and appealing it is. It was built in 1891 by Jehoshua Dundicov who had bought the land from the Turks who  had ruled Palestine at  that time. The building’s architecture and the simplicity of its lines retains a sense of the past.

Rehovot municipal gallery


Rehovot  Municipal Gallery

We attended the opening of a solo exhibition of  the artist Gary Goldstein

Dodinkiv gallery 1

A permanent sculpture at the entrance to the gallery hall

The first thing which struck me while looking at the art works was the multiple depiction of the female figure. But for one or two exceptions,  the paintings were of  women and parts of women – some in  full  body, some only heads  while others just bodies, with no heads. A  series depicted the female torso, a corsetted.

garry goldshtein3

The artist did not  render an ideal or a specific  women  but rather  generalized images  in which all women sport similar stylized features:  full red lips, black hair, trussed breasts etc.

One might think that a domineering  red/pink color theme in a series of paintings would  give a  cheerful ambiance. However  the combination of dramatic black  hair and the disembodied bodies intimates something dark and obscure as well as a sense of violence.

The cartoon like painting of  7 knives pointing at a woman’s  face,  about to penetrate,  is a depiction of a direct violence, not a comic matter.

Is this  even a statement against violence directed towards women in some societies or is this the artists’  laden psyche , barely sublimated?

garry goldshtein2

The use of big red lips, corsets, headless torsos also  invoke a sense of a vulgar eroticism. The women shown, in the  first art work   above is semi- naked but for a corset and big loop earnings. She is facing towards us, a black gloved hand perhaps beckoning us. Is she a caricature of a red light district lady, framed in her  own window,  immortalized in the artists frame ?

garry goldshtein1

In the above painting, the face of a young women is marked with a repetitive pattern. Is this a mindless pattern the artist is creating or is this a form of violating this women’ s face?

What is your impression of these art works?


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