Street art and One Lovely Blog Award

Graffiti in Tel-Aviv

I returned from my vacation this weekend just in time  for the city of Tel-Aviv’s celebrated annual “Loving art – Making art” event.

Over this weekend, hundreds of artists around town open their studios for visitors to view their work and the space & environment in which they create.

Armed with the essential bottle of water and hat, I collected a map marking  the locations of the open studios and headed to the south of the city.

I saw much interesting art and had some intriguing encounters with artists.

What mostly struck me was the street art, the graffiti all over .

lonely woman

Graffiti in Tel-Aviv, Israel 

The couple and the octopus

The couple and the octopus

street art1

Graffiti in Tel-Aviv, Israel

two cats - graffiti

Two cats


Most recently the amazing Marie , from the LE BLOG DE MARIE

nominated me for a “One Lovely Blog Award”.


Please check out Marie’s blog. Thank you  so much, Marie

The rules of acceptance are that I share seven things people do not know about me:

1. I fell in love with Africa during  12  years  of living and travelling there.

I  have  visited Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, South-Africa, Malawi, Zimbabwe and more.

2. I am a keen African art and contemporary Israeli art collector. Many art pieces from my African collection are on loan to galleries and Museums for display.

3. Before opening my art gallery I used to lead workshops titled “Love yourself – Heal your life” based on Luise Hay philosophy.

4. Growing up in Haifa, Israel, a hilled city, I never learned to ride a bike! I promise myself that by August next year I will try to acquire this ability.

5. I cannot have a meal with out a tomato  accompanying it. As a child, my parents used to call me “Sara Tomato”.

6. I am ‘addicted’ to all musical programs on TV. I watch American Idol, Israeli Idol, America “The Voice”, Israeli “The Voice” etc. (It seems I  may be a frustrated singer)

7. I am a keen exerciser ; I have experimented with different forms of exercise in different phases of my  life-  Yoga,  jogging, Pilatis or weight lifting.

The best part of receiving these awards is being able to recognize some of the talented bloggers out there.  In no particular order I’d like to nominate the following blogs:

1. I love Green Inspiration

2. silverbells2012

3. The adventures of dr

4. De diva deals

5. Gracefully50

6. Photolord

7. iconicallyrare

8. the stylescroll

9. thefashiontoast

10. what I wore

11. keiko lynn

12. The blonde salad

13. le fashion

14. The fashion squad

15. vivaluxury


Rules for nominees:

-Link back to the blogger who nominated you

-Paste the award on your blog

Tell 7 facts about yourself

-Nominate 15 other blogs that you would like to give the award to


As always, thanks so much for stopping by!

Make it a great day!



11 responses to “Street art and One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Shapo. Sari. Kol hakavod

  2. Thank you so very much Sara Tomato! I accept your nomination and am truly humbled by it. Now that I know you are a collector of African art I will post a few of my pieces on Instagram (ablake48) Hope you are having a fantabulous weekend!

  3. It is my pleasure… I would love to see your African arT pieces!

  4. Love all the art, Sara! Just wanted you to know that Marney McNall blogs at the Volunteer Fringe. I’m Marie (Mary) from Le blog de Marie 🙂

  5. Dear Marie, sorry for the mix-up and thank you for pointing it out to me. Hope now it is corrected (-:

  6. Such interesting graffiti art — here it’s just indecipherable writing. Maybe we wouldn’t mind it so much if it was more of what you have.

  7. Sara, thank you for the Award! Great street art!
    I didn’t know you were an art collector! I’m so impressed!

  8. Love,loooove it!!Great post honey!;)

  9. I have been to Tel-Aviv! I loved it 🙂 And That art work is awesome!! Check out my fashion blog at:

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