Was Man really tempted with an apple or was it actually a fig?

freshly picked

Figs freshly picked

My holiday is soon coming to its end and I have still to share with you my most precious daily  hours.

Every morning as early as 0700, we jog for about 30 minutes to “our” secluded beach where we swim in the cool transparent sea,  no other person in sight.

On our way  back we  stop by a fig tree and have our breakfast of tender, plump and sweet fruit.  I love eating figs  and I also love their shape, both outside and inside.  What is so specially appealing is the  eating directly from the tree! Just stand under a marvelous looking tree, pick a fruit & deliver it to your mouth! It is the epitomy of  nature’s generosity!This is one memory I take with me, every year from my holiday in Greece.

There is something so sexy about a fig, its shape and seductive inner color that I am inclined to think that Adam was tempted  in the Garden of Eden  by a fig and not  an apple. My humble proof  is that once they ate it and realized that they are naked, they immediately  picked a leaf from the fig  tree, under which they were standing, to cover their nudity. The fig leaf is well known for its large size and special shape which resembles  a hand with five thick fingers.

Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve – catacombs of Saints Marcellinus – 4th centuary

Adam and Eve

Throughout history artists have seen  the exotic appeal  and the hidden sexual connotations in the fig’s  red and voluptuous inner fruit.

Munari Cristoforo "Vase, Glass and Fruit"

Munari Cristoforo “Vase, Glass and Fruit”


Bartolomeo Bimbi “Figs”

Fresh figs are very popular in Europe and along the Mediterranean but are less well known in the United States. A member of the mulberry family, the fig possesses a sweet, chewy flesh and crunchy edible seeds. This ancient fruit is usually available from June to September. Figs may be eaten raw or cooked in recipes.

How to eat a fig?

First of all, do not peel a fig.  The skin is tender and flavorful so just trim off the tip of the stem and the rest of the fig is wonderfully edible.

A fresh fig is perfect with a piece of mildly aged goat cheese.  The sweetness of the fig is an ideal counterbalance to the tang and the crumbly texture of the cheese.The figs  can also be sliced and added to a fennel and arugula salad.  Or for breakfast, sliced with cereal or yogurt.

Have a great weekend!



17 responses to “Was Man really tempted with an apple or was it actually a fig?

  1. Fresh figs are one of my favourite fruits, we have a fig tree in our garden but sadly the birds ate everything on it this year!

  2. Mybest andmost tasty blog !!, yummmeeeeee next year also gonna have some of those right out of the cap,,, nodoubt it wasthe fig and not the apple the cardinal sin

  3. i’ve always thought it was a fig, too.

  4. Fruits figs are really fantastic. Its texture is wonderful. With cheese are great. I also think it is more tempting than an apple a fig. 😉


  5. I, too, love figs!! Never have gotten one off the tree, but will definitely remember that when we visit Greece.

  6. Figs!!! I like it so much…

    • Yes, me too. In the beginning of August, the figs on the trees were not yet ready to be eaten so we waited.. and suddenly towards the end of the month .. what a celebration! Thank you for visiting my blog…

  7. I love figs, too. Would love the experience of eating one right off a tree. How lucky you are.

  8. I do consider myself lucky to be able to eat figs right off the tree.. and I am very thankful for that…Thank you for visiting and have a wonderful weekend.

  9. Hello there,
    I like your strategy to replying each and every comment…. Good Going..

  10. I am not sure its a strategy… but it is certainly the polite thing to do, don’t you think?

  11. Hi there, I read your blogs regularly. Your story-telling style is witty, keep it up!

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