In the company of Greek men

Sitting at the bar

Sitting at the bar

Imagine entering a bar and  travelling back in time. No blackberrys, no laptops no  urban chic furniture. Furthermore,  not a single women in sight, only some 15-20 men in their 70’s and 80’s, commandeering three chairs each(one to sit on, one to lean forwards over and one for their worry beads.)

I doubt anything much has  been changed in this place since it opened in the 60’s: the old wooden tables and rickety chairs, the original bar and stools, flaking mirrors on the walls and  glassware that would be a collectors delight.

Kranidi bar

A bar in Kranidi

Such a place exists in Kranidi, Greece. Make no mistake, there are plenty more bars in the center of Kranidi,  most of them  of modern design   and certainly frequented by women who would be  equally at home in an Athens club.

I was  curious to find out what makes this establishment  appealing to its ‘  dedicated clientele’ and I decided to check out the coffee there.

the bar's facade

 The bar’s facade

Two gentelman

Two gentleman

On this particular morning  I dressed up all white outfit and stepped into  the bar with a confident smile. It is no exaggeration to say that the place just fell silent! I believe the occupants could not recall when last a woman–  a foreigner, turned out in white and  high heals  – entered their club with the intention of sitting down and ordering.

having an ice coffee

Having a frappe

The heat was over 40 c’ outside, but  the bar has no air conditioning and not even overhead fans. The lights were not on and with the dark wooden furniture there was an atmosphere of stoic endurance.

man's bar only

An old fashion vitrine with   its display of glasses

I was not able to communicate  much with the occupants of this saloon bar , but I sensed that after their initial disbelief, they were equally charmed,  exchanging smiles and  suggesting that this  might be  a fashion shoot for a euro magazine !

I also left with the certainty that they like their bar exactly the way it is and  will not be succumbing to any trendy makeover!All man's bar

A woman in a man’s bar

On the streets of Kranidi, Greece

On the streets of Kranidi, Greece

I enjoyed the outing and the coffee.

I hope you did too!

Shirt – Gershon Bram (Israeli designer); skirt – Mango;  One battered Panama hat-Provence ; shoes – Jeffry Campble ; belt – Honigman (Israeli fashion house); shades – Carolina Lemke; bag- Tod’s


9 responses to “In the company of Greek men

  1. I remember the kafeneia with affection. Old men with their worry beads and backgammon 🙂

  2. That is pretty charming in Greece and its bars. The dress is beautiful and gorgeous outfit. A lovely story.

    • Thank you so much…I do try to have a story with every post that I write and not only show what I wear… I find it more interesting this way… Please come again… Sara

  3. What a cool post!! LOVE it!
    You look absolutely stunning! I’d loved to have heard the conversation among the gentlemen. 😉

  4. Wonderful post! What a delight for you to have sampled a truly authentic slice of old world Greek culture. I am certain you brightened everyone’s day the moment you walked into that old bar. You look fabulous—chic and sophisticated!

  5. Thank you so much! It was fun getting this post together although I did have to gather some courage to enter the bar and pose for the photographs with every one watching….

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