Lifestyle – Inspired by an olive tree

The gate to rural paradise

The gate to rural paradise

In his book “AlephPaulo Coelho describes a ceremony with his spiritual guide: They both lay their hands on a 400 year old oak tree and say a Sufi pray in which they  express appreciation, prayers and thanks  to the Almighty.

Coelho goes on to ask why they performed this ritual, can it make them better people ?The guide  responds that people should touch trees more often as in doing so one  comes into contact with something deep in ones soul, the most primal part, that closest to the beginng of all things…

Coming across very old olive tree by the side of the road as I travel in Greece, I am instantly reminded of  this idea from  Paulo Coelho”s  book and stop the car.

blending with an olive tree

With an olive tree

Sheep grazing

Sheep at a distance

Visiting  the Argolidas  in Greece , we let the road  lead us..

We drove along winding roads, up and down hills and besides some sheep, there was no other person insite. Each time we came around a mountain bend, a new majestic scene was revealed. The Argolic landscape is  one of green  fields, olive groves, villages rooted high up in the mountains, wide grazing plains and lonely, bare mountain tops. It is no wonder that the ancient greeks, faced with this glorious countryside were inspired  philosophically and in the arts and sciences, laying the corner stones of our  modern civilisation.

heavenly view

Lagoons in the distance

An old olive trunk

An old olive trunk

a small chapel

A  roadside chapel in the middle of nowhere

A country chapel

A  Chapel by the road

Suddenly, at the a distance, among the hills, the sea made an appearance..

Threatening sky

Summer clouds

What I wore:  Shades – Carolina Lemke ; Dress in Paisley pattern- Castro ; white sneakers – Republic ; Neckless – self made Ethiopian silver + old beads.

I wish you a lovely weekend and an amazing Summer!



4 responses to “Lifestyle – Inspired by an olive tree

  1. The scenery is amazing – that old tree is unbelievable — reminds me of arthritic hands.

    • It is amazing indeed! The olive trees are so beautiful here, each with its own intricate shape. Some tree are so old and have witnessed so much that humans can only observe them with a lot of respect

  2. How very beautiful your opening image is! And you look comfortably chic for your road travels!

  3. Thanks Marie. Although I would have preferred to team a healed shoe to this dress, naturally it was comfortable to travel with flat sneakers.

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