Lifestyle – Market day in Ermioni, Greece

fresh produce

Thursday is “market day” in the village of Ermioni. Locals and people from the surrounding villages come to purchase their weekly products. On this day Ermioni changes from a  tiny, quiet , most picaresque port resort into a bustling market.The  shops  in the village also benefit from ‘market day” as   visitors frequent them as well. Towards lunch time, once every one has completed their shopping, the visitors (and the locals)  end up in the tavernas for a cold ‘Frappe’ or ice cream.


This farmers market features local fruits and vegetables grown naturally or organically. Fresh fish yanked from the sea only hours before is hawked by roudy fisherman who need to compete with gypsies calling customers to buy their clay pots and bee farmers declaring the wonders of their thyme, orange and pine honeys. Deep green aromatic local olive oils fight for attention amongst trestles laden with watermelon, herbs and local greens. This farmers market also features  fresh flowers  potted herbs and a section for cloth ,clothing and toys.



Basil plants are sold everywhere

In  the centre of  the bustle  low chairs and table are set out , only on this day, to form  a traveling outdoors restaurant where friends and acquaintances  can stop to get updated on the news  from the region, while enjoying grilled meats and smoking. Tourists like me  just enjoy the great atmosphere and fun of an authentic country market by the sea.

 Ermioni bay as viewed from the maket

 Ermioni bay as viewed from the market

I often wonder what drives  people in this day  and age to still come to markets, despite the heat , chaos and discomfort in comparison to the nearby supermarkets offering better organized, air-conditioned space and the huge range of options? It must be that socially as well as sensually, the farmers’ market offers a rich, appealing and wholesome environment where the modern consumer can still feel in touch with roots. A person buying food here may be acting not just as a consumer but also as a neighbour, a citizen, a parent or a cook.

fish stand

Fish stand

posing with the fisherman

Posing with the fisher man

We bought fruit and vegetables and 2 single fish which we placed in a cooler bag prepared earlier so as to allow us to stop for a cold “frappe” and enjoy the beautiful view.

relaxing after a hectic market day

Relaxing in a coffee shop after a hectic market morning

Do you like going to local markets? And if you do what are your reasons?

Shirt with rabbits design – H&M ; black “spaghetti” vest – Castro ; red trousers – H&M ; shades – Escada :white sneakers – Republic ; purple sack – old ; neckless -self made with Ethiopian silver and resin-beads


7 responses to “Lifestyle – Market day in Ermioni, Greece

  1. rotem dina

    Hi Sara
    You look so cool and on vacation
    i could almost smell the the market
    happy you enjoy yourself

  2. You look waaay too fashionable for a maket. Love the hat!
    I love fresh produce!!

  3. That market sounds like a wonderful place. I love going to the farmers markets here in Alberta — I attend both big and small markets and enjoy them all. Although I grow some vegetables in pots on my deck and basil in my garden I love getting fresh potatoes and carrots straight from the local growers. Marvelous post and lovely pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope I will visit Alberta one day.

  5. Hey that looks just like my vacation uniform: big hat, shades, hoop earrings and bright pants:) Enjoyed the brief escape to Greece.

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