Fashion, Poseidon & a cruise along the Greek coast

cruse in the Peloponese3

With  picnic bag, costumes, towels, masks and snorkels we left the Portocheli marina for a day cruse along the Greek coast.

Hiring a boat for a day allowed us the advantage of being able to  stop in the open sea for a swim whenever and wherever we wanted. We   scouted the various coves  for the beach  we liked most- private and with shade.

cruse in along the Peloponese

on the boat

So beautiful!

on the boat2


I  previously posted a picture of me with a man  called Poseidon. While  on this cruise I was reminded of the Greek legend of  Poseidon and Odysseus in the Mediterranean Sea:

Although Poseidon( god of the sea )supported the Greeks out of hatred of the Trojans, he was offended when Odysseus forgot to honor him for his victory. He cursed  him to never return home. Odysseus wandered the Mediterranean Sea for over ten years as he was kept at sea by storms and winds. In this long  journey he also encounter beasts such as Scylla, Charybdis and many other turbulant challenges.  When his ship finally neared home and Odysseus was asleep, his men, wondering what he was keeping in his flask, opened it and freed  winds  which then blew Odysseus and his ship and crew away from Ithaca once more.

fashion in the Peloponese

A sail boat waived hello

A sail boat passed us by and waived hello

The beach we had our picnic

A perfect spot for a picnic

I am wearing two short  turquise dresses, one on top of the other. The one is a jersey dress, slightly tie dyed, the other is made of very light cotton. A white cotton, sleeved, shirt, a must  over the shoulders in the seering sun.

This was a most wonderful day!

2 dresses – Castro (Israeli fashion house); swimming costume – Gottex ; white shirt – Golf (Israeli fashion house); white gold earnings with Aquamarine stone – Breuning


4 responses to “Fashion, Poseidon & a cruise along the Greek coast

  1. The water is so beautiful. Looks like such a lovely day!!

  2. The water is so clear one can see the fish swimming. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I want to be there!

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