Fashion – Who else wore GREEN?/3

To encourage those who fear wearing the color green – here are some fabulous examples:







Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow


Glenn Close



I hope by now you are all convinced and are running as fast as possible to get yourselves a green dress (-:

To end this post on a funny note here is what I learned about the term “Green Dress”:

“A phrase popularized by the outrageous mid-1970s group of party-crashing drag queens in and around the Dallas-Fort Worth area referencing marijuana. It could be a noun, adjective and verb, depending on usage.

While speaking over the phone, one might ask, “Are you wearing your green dress tonight?” That meant, “Are you bringing any weed tonight?”

Again, over the phone,”Honey, I’m sipping on a gimlet and wearing my favorite green dress!” That meant the person speaking was getting high while talking.

To invite someone over to get high, one would simply exclaim, “You’ve gotta come see my new green dress! It’s so much prettier than the one I bought last month!”

A variation in the form of a verb could be, “I’m dressing in green tonight!” That meant, “I can’t wait to get stoned tonight!”

An adjective case could be, “She was wearing the greenest dress I’ve ever seen!” That meant, “I’ve never seen her so stoned!”



7 responses to “Fashion – Who else wore GREEN?/3

  1. Green is fabulous!
    I did not know about these phrases! How interesting!

  2. I didn’t know either!

  3. I’ll be keeping my ears open for these phrases at parties for sure 🙂 I kinda associate green with wicked witches and hobgoblins, I don’t think I have one piece in green in my closet even! Actually I do – one dress in an aqua colour, a little like Alice in Wonderland. See – green must also mean magic for sure 🙂

  4. In my mind Green is life therefor it is indeed magic ! I hope that you will not hesitate next time you see a lovely green dress in the shops
    Take care,

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