Green is everywhere / post 2

vietnam terrace

(Terraced fields in Mu Cang Chai, Vietnam. JOinHanoi, Mad Machen Cards)

While searching the web for inspiration for green dresses , I came across much negative advice regarding the wearing of the color green.

I encountered sentences such as : “green doesn’t suit pale/dark complexion” or “Green is a difficult color to match and it should only go with gold” etc.

I beg to differ! Green is the color of nature. Just look around you and see how the color of foliage goes so well with all other colors: reds, pinks, blues purple…

Here are some amazing greens alongside a rainbow of colors in photographs of Terraced fields around the world.

When it rains, instead of washing away the soil, the terraces help the soil stays in place. Nutrients are also held in place or carried down to the next level.

Terraced farm

 (Terraced Fields in Yunnan Province, China. Via:

Rice Terraces, Yunnan, China. Field was created for promotional purposes. The Hani and Yi ethnic people’s terraced fields are one of the most inspiring scenes in southern Yunnan. They resemble ladders, stretching from the foot of the mountains right to the top.

Hani rice paddy steppes

(Hani Rice Paddy Steppes by Hai Thinh


(Terraced Fields in Yunnan Province, China)

Every November, the Hani people in Yuanyang, Yunnan, China begin to waterflood and fertilize their fields, after several months the sediment settles and by March the water becomes clean.

Inca terraces

(Inca Terraces in Pisac, Peru / Image by Pablo Spika. )

The terraces were built to make the most efficient use of shallow soil and to enable irrigation of crops. The Inca used a system of canals and aqueducts to direct water through the levels and increase fertility.

 Rice Fields

(Clouds reflected on Rice Fields/Image by Hai Thinh)


(Terraced Fields in Yunnan Province, China)

vietnam morning

(Morning work on rice terraces in Vietnam/ Photograph by Hai Thinh)

To practice what I preach –  In my next post I will wearing a  green dress  spiced with   purple.




9 responses to “Green is everywhere / post 2

  1. I agree: green is a lovely colour to wear. And seeing paddy fields is something else – I was amazed by them when I went travelling in China.

  2. These are some amazing photos!
    The the textured effect the terraces create.
    Some of these could be modified into beautiful fabric prints.

  3. I agree. They could turn into beautiful summer dresses.
    Enjoy your weekend,

  4. amazing pics, they look like super modern abstract paintings 😉 thanks for sharing! I love it!

    Freddie & Cinnamon Jewellery

  5. lovely photos!!

  6. Your photos are amazing !! I am over fifty and love the color green – it is energizing.

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