Food – Breakfast for my husband’s birthday


This morning my hubby celebrates his birthday. I decided to take him to his favorite restaurant. The restaurant  is called Tatty and it is beautifully designed, both outside and inside.It also has a huge dining bar, which becomes very busy in the evenings.


Usually we share a breakfast which I chose, always with his tacit agreement. I normally like to have a little of everything- cheeses, jams, salads, fresh rolls etc.

Today I let him choose. He opted for a Spanish Omelete with spinach and feta cheese, plus a salad.(So now I know that his ‘agreement’ all these years has been one of quiet compromise!)




The restaurant staff even sang him happy birthday over a candle. I was too busy singing to be able to take a photo of that.

The restaurant

Our children are organizing a camping trip for this weekend, to the banks of the Jordan River to celebrate his birthday. So wait for my next post if you wish to read about how my back coped with sleeping in a tent

The restourant 

Happy birthday to all those who celebrate their birthday today!. Have a most wonderful life


3 responses to “Food – Breakfast for my husband’s birthday

  1. Happy birthday to your hubby!
    The spanish omelet looks so delish!
    Hope you have a great camping trip!

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