Sunset on the Tel-Aviv beach front

Jaffa at a distance

I love the hours just before sunset.

I sense that the vibrations of the world change as the sun begins to sink.

During the day, when the sun is harsh and uncompromising, I only wish to stay indoors. By dusk, I can begin to breathe easily and wish to meet the world.

We went for a stroll on the Tel-Aviv broad walk, just before sunset.

The pictures share the fading light and perhaps the magic of the hour.

So this time the post is not so much about the clothing but more about the wonderful relief that comes with sunset.

I hope you can feel the breeze…

Calm sea

Buildings on the beachfront   Sun set   Marina at a distance    Playing on the beach

Sandy beach

Sunset on Tel-Aviv beach

Tel-Aviv beach front

Fashion in Tel-Aviv

Shirt – Mango ; skirt – L.O.G.G; leather bag – Neta Sade (Israeli designer) ;

shoes – Max Moretti ; chain & bracelet American Eagle


2 responses to “Sunset on the Tel-Aviv beach front

  1. Lovely stroll on the beach – great pictures, you make me want to visit!

  2. Tel-Aviv is a vibrant city with lots of entertainment, shops and lovely beaches. Definitely a place to visit!

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