Fashion in black and white

black shimmery skirt

Today I have an appointment with a client interested in purchasing Israeli art. As it is our very first meeting, we arranged to meet at a coffee shop where I will show her art catalogues and images on my laptop, in order to get an idea of the kind of art that she may like.

I like to wear black and white to a first meeting with a client. I find that these colors accommodate whatever the client might wear.

Black and white is a big trend this summer alongside the “flower power”. Most of the B &W shown on the runway are pure colors, which I find a little too formal, even harsh. A pop of color adds a lot. I also like to liven the outfit with a play of subtle pattern and texture in the material.

So, here is my interpretation of the trend:

I am wearing a black, lightly shimmering skirt, with a white top. The skirt material has delicate stripes.

The hint of color is provided by the orange bag and necklace.

I like the whimsical contrast between the high tech look of the skirt and the African necklace of old African amber and Ethiopian silver.

ׂThanks to my niece Mia for taking the photos

skirt- Alef Alef (Israeli designer); top – Zara; sandals – Aldo; bag – Tod’s; necklace – african

shimmering skirt and white top

black and white

with orange bag

white top

orange and silver necklace

orange bag

?How do you wear your black and white

 Here are some black and white outfits which I found on the net





6 responses to “Fashion in black and white

  1. You look gorgeous in b&w!! One of my favorite color combo. Love the pop of color from accessories, and your heels are fabulous!

  2. Thank you so much gracefull Jeannie!

  3. Looking Good!!! Very classy outfit and it fits you well. Love the pop of orange … but then again orange is one of my fav colors. (well, the right shade, that is!) If you’re going to sell art then you certainly look “picture perfect”. 🙂

  4. Very nice post! I liked the bag and the skirt especially

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