The art of the inner soul

The art of Judith Raviv

Acrylic on board,120×120

I was invited by the Israeli artist Judith Raviv to view her art exhibition, currently showing in Herzlia, Israel.

I am familiar with Raviv’s  work, her seriousness and dedication to her art. I have displayed her work several times in my gallery in Tel Aviv and was very curious to see her new work.

The current exhibition is called “Ibis”. The Ibis are a group of long-legged wading birds. They have long, down curved bills. The word ibis derives from ancient Greek and Latin, and probably even from the Ancient Egyptian.

The Ibis was considered in many cultures as a sacred bird: in Ancient Egypt it was a symbol of the god Thoth and in a few African tribes it was regarded as the bird which mediates between heaven and earth, the mundane and the spiritual, the living and the ancestors.(See an African Ibis in my previous post-

As Varda Genosar, the exhibition curator, described in the exhibition catalogue, in Raviv’s visual lexicon, birds come from a dark, mysterious and even threatening place, at the same time referring to a powerful feminine essence and motherhood.

The world created by Raviv is primeval, complex and chaotic. Through the colors, shapes and lines she exposes an inner symbolic world.

Highly recommended!

art red painting

Acrylic on board, 60×60

art purple trees

Acrylic on board,120×120 cm

Feminine mysterious

(Mixed media on wooden board (a section

“Life without art would be bland, unimaginable, full of despair. Art expresses who you are, it gives the world color. It makes us and everything unique. Life without art would be inexpiable” unanimous 


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