Fashion for Friday after noon wedding

I was invited to the Friday afternoon wedding of friend’s son. This is a relatively a new custom in Israel as weddings traditionally take place in the evenings. There is something so light  and friendly about afternoon weddings, with natural sunlight  and people dressed in  less formal though smart clothing.

  See what I wore . It is a silk vintage dress in  stone color, embroidered with tiny beads. I bought it in a second-hand shop in Tel-Aviv. It came with a similar color camisole which is very handy with other transparent dresses of mine.

The red sandals  are by “shoe-maker”  ,an Israeli

 I love weddings.. don’t you?! Everyone has a good and positive attitude, the ceremony is always moving and altogether it is a celebration of love and new beginnings. I took a picture of the wedding cake too.


One response to “Fashion for Friday after noon wedding

  1. Great look! Your sandals are adorable! I was always dreaming about something chic and red for summer!

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